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Eight of Pentacles


The 8 of Pentacles tarot card  The Eight of Pentacles Meaning of the Symbols.

 The eight of Pentacles symbolizes hard work and self improvement, craftsmanship and enthusiasm. The man concentrating on his work tells us discipline is needed to  get things right. The bench symbolizes a simple workspace with no distractions. The hung pentacles are symbolizing his achievements so far. The discarded pentacle on the ground is telling us that practice makes perfect. The man works alone, away from the city and people, but he is out in the open which tells us he's not worrying about others thoughts.


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  The Eight of Pentacles Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords
Self fulfillment. Further education. New skills. Hobbies.

The Eight of Pentacles Meaning.
Striving for perfection in your arts. Learning new skills to enhance those you already have. Success will come through hard work.

The Eight of Pentacles Reversed.
Impatience, making a quick profit by cutting corners will harm your reputation. You're losing your concentration. Losing your job.

Sun in Virgo

Discriminating and analytical, you have a special talent for separating what is useful from what is not. You possess a natural ability to create order from chaos As this is a mental sign your perfectionist tendencies can give you more than your share of worry and concern over small details. Virgos like to feel useful and you may be quite service oriented.








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