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3. The Empress

Sometimes displayed as III The Empress, is one of the 78 cards in a Tarot deck that make up the Major Arcana or Trump Cards. In many traditional decks it is also the third Trump of the 22 Trump cards.




 0 The Fool

 1 The Magician

 2 The High Priestess

 3 The Empress

 4 The Emperor

 5 The Hierophant

 6 The Lovers

 7 The Chariot

 8 Strength

 9 The Hermit

10 The Wheel of Fortune

11 Justice

12 The Hanged Man

13 The Death Card

14 Temperance

15 The Devil

16 The Tower

17 The Star

18 The Moon

19 The Sun

20 Judgement

21 The World

Ace of Cups

Ace of Wands

Ace  of Pentacles

Ace of Swords





The Empress - Meaning of the Symbols.

The Empress tarot card

The Empress Tarot card symbolises the mother and the nurturer, she is the one we bring our sorrows to, she is the one who will listen to our woes and provide the strength to carry on. She represents the ultimate power of love, She is the one who will stop the bully in his tracks.

There is grain growing around her feet to symbolize the everlasting cycle of birth growth death and rebirth. Grain also represents nourishment for the body, fruitfulness fertility and abundance. The trees behind her symbolize maturity, the Empress has no need to look over these.

The waterfall is a symbol of our emotions constantly changing and progressing towards a higher goal,, the water is taking a tumble for now but soon it will reach the  river then pass the Empress, The Empress will soothe the emotional turmoil and  the river can then carry on wandering merrily along it's way.

The Empress's crown is a symbol of authority, the twelve stars adorning the crown represent the twelve astrological signs of the zodiac and the nine pearls around her neck represent the nine planets, they tell us she is the mother of all creation, she is the pamperor of all the cosmos.

The Sceptre is also a symbol of her authority, the one she holds is topped with an Orb to show her complete authority over all worldly things

The Empress's gown is white to symbolise purity and it's adorned with budding flowers, together these symbols represent the purity of the newborn. She sits on a comfortable orange cushion and red rug to show she can easily keep other peoples excessive passions under control.

Depending on which deck you are working with, the Empress Tarot card often has a shield resting by her feet or throne. In Tarot, the symbolism of the shield can represent many different meanings. In the case of the Empress, the shield refers to her loving, but also protective, mothering instinct. Although the Empress can be a symbol of receptivity and emotion, she can also be protective and defensive as she upholds the very essence of the life force.

Traditionally, the Empress’s shield depicts the symbol of Venus. Thus, furthering the impact of the Goddess influence or correlating significance to the Empress Tarot Card.

Tarot Symbolism of the Orb and Scepter

When the imagery of scepter and orbs typically refers to authority over a particular domain. In the case of the Empress Tarot card, the tarot symbolism of the orb and scepter refer to the Empress’ control over the earthly realm. She is mother earth, herself, and is the mother of all things. She is an expression of the creative power associated with the natural world.













The Empress Correspondences and Associations.

Defining Keywords
Fruitfulness. Motherhood. Comfort. Fertility. Love. Caring. Success. Creativity. Feelings.

The Empress cards Meaning.
The Empress card combines the positive qualities of all four Queens bringing you material and domestic wellbeing A firm foundation for the future, this card could also indicate a birth.

The Empress Reversed.
Emotional frustrations and/or blackmail, domestic upheaval, over-protection, a challenge to your personal stability and independence. It could also indicate a pregnancy problem.

Beauty, Love, Art, Music, Poetry, Pleasure, Refinement

How you find beauty in life, and share it with others. What qualities are you drawn to in friends and lovers? What kind of art, music and creative self-expression is nourishing to your soul.
This is why the Empress' symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things and gardens, as wells as sex and love. Venus is the goddess of artists, and helps them painstakingly develop their pieces from clay to statue, from first brushstroke to masterpiece


1 Fehu (F: Domestic cattle, wealth.) Possessions won or earned, earned income, luck. Abundance, financial strength in the present or near future. Sign of hope and plenty, success and happiness. Social success. Energy, foresight, fertility, creation/destruction (becoming). Fehu Reversed or Merkstave: Loss of personal property, esteem, or something that you put in effort to keep. It indicates some sort of failure. Greed, burnout, atrophy, discord. Cowardice, stupidity, dullness, poverty, slavery, bondage.

1. Fehu: Symbol of mobile power, or readily accessible assets. Clearly define your desire, and carefully seek foresight and wisdom. This could signify wealth and possessions, or self-rule and the growth of will. Enjoy good fortune if you now have it, but remember to share it, for only by nourishing others can you be truly nourished.

















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