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Four of Wands


The 4 of Wands tarot card  The Four of Wands Meaning of the Symbols.

 The four of Wands symbolizes a joyous commitment to a person or venture, the foundation stones have been laid, the harvest has been gathered and now it's time to enjoy the fruits. The couple have turned their backs on the protective walls of the castle and now face the solid but open construction formed by the wands, the symbology here is that coyness between them is no longer needed, the garlands symbolize them celebrating the maturity of their open relationship.


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  The Four of Wands Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords
Joint progress. Harmony. Compatibility. Security. Roots. Reward.

The Four of Wands Meaning.
Mutual feelings of security in a relationship. Celebrations after a  project ends successfully. Renovating your home or moving to a new house. Excited feelings for the future.

The Four of Wands Reversed.
Wishing wont make it happen. Endeavors bring no gain. Aimlessly seeking pleasures. You're not getting there.



Venus in Aries

Impulsive and demonstrative, you want to be accepted and you are not usually shy at all about pursuing the object of your affection. In love relationships, you especially enjoy the first stages of courtship and the challenge of the chase. However, it had better be all in fun in the end, as you can be quite jealous if the game goes too far!







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