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11. Justice

Sometimes displayed as XI  Justice, it is one of the 78 cards in a Tarot deck that make up the Major Arcana or Trump Cards. In most traditional decks it is also the eleventh Trump of the 22 Trump cards.




 0 The Fool

 1 The Magician

 2 The High Priestess

 3 The Empress

 4 The Emperor

 5 The Hierophant

 6 The Lovers

 7 The Chariot

 8 Strength

 9 The Hermit

10 The Wheel of Fortune

11 Justice

12 The Hanged Man

13 The Death Card

14 Temperance

15 The Devil

16 The Tower

17 The Star

18 The Moon

19 The Sun

20 Judgement

21 The World

Ace of Cups

Ace of Wands

Ace  of Pentacles

Ace of Swords





The Justice Card - Meaning of the Symbols.

The Justice tarot cardIn Tarot the Justice card symbolizes using an honest balance when making decisions and legalities, putting a wrong right. The purple veil between the pillars symbolizes hidden inner wisdom The sword is the sword of truth which is held upright to symbolize a readiness for action. The scales symbolize a balance between past actions and future consequences. The yellow crown symbolizes intellect and mental power.
Justice tells us to make honest decisions but can we be honest enough with ourselves to make the right ones.
















  The Justice Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords
Just outcome. Fairness. Impartiality. Accountability. Law. Prudence.

The Justice cards Meaning.
When Justice comes up it's time to evaluate a situation. A decision will go your way. Righting a wrong, Getting what you deserve.

Justice Reversed.
Injustice, false accusations and prejudice. Legal matters may go against you.

Some decks, especially older ones, reverse the numbers of Justice and Strength.


Balance, Justice, Truth, Beauty, Perfection

The Sun is in Libra between about 24th September and 23rd October.

If the Sun was in Libra when you were born, you want everything to be harmonious and peaceful. You dislike anything rough or crude, and like your surroundings to be balanced and tasteful . Most of all, you want everything to be fair. You refuse to make snap judgements. Librans are often wrongly called indecisive, but you are merely determined to consider a question from all sides before making a decision; then you surprise everyone with firm action.

Whatever your Sun sign, if your Ascendant is Libra, then relationships with other people are going to be high on your list of priorities. When you leave home of a morning, you set out to be affable and to greet everyone with a smile. You love a social gathering, and you'll bend over backwards to keep the peace and avoid causing offence. Just sometimes, you may need to put tact and diplomacy on one side, and realise you can't always be all things to all men.



10 Nauthiz: (N: Need.) Delays, restriction. Resistance leading to strength, innovation, need-fire (self-reliance). Distress, confusion, conflict, and the power of will to overcome them. Endurance, survival, determination. A time to exercise patience. Recognition of one's fate. Major self-initiated change. Face your fears. Nauthiz Reversed or Merkstave: Constraint of freedom, distress, toil, drudgery, laxity. Necessity, extremity, want, deprivation, starvation, need, poverty, emotional hunger.

10. Nauthiz There is stress, but it can be turned into strength. Restraint is called for. There will be holdups, and the need to reconsider your plans carefully. Original thought, creativity and self-reliance could see you through a difficult time. Try to restore harmony in your life, but if you cannot, at least strive for balance. There is an indication of extreme passion in a love affair (torrid romance or major crisis.) This Rune can symbolize a menial worker, a laborer or farmer, or it can stand for a magician or mage.












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