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Knight of Pentacles


The Knight of Pentacles tarot card  The Knight of Pentacles Meaning of the Symbols.

 The Knight of Pentacles symbolizes dull but practical and trustworthy people, new job opportunities. He sits on an unmoving heavy horse while he studies what lies ahead without acting, this is symbolizing his personality. The trees are symbolizing healthy growth but he doesn't move towards them. The Pentacle he holds out in his right hand symbolizes a material offering. His orange garment symbolizes his emotions but here he sits on them. His helmet sports a young plant  which symbolizes his budding ideas about material expansion.



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  The Knight of Pentacles Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords
Reliability. Desire to learn. Dependable. Practical Plans. Discoveries.

The Knight of Pentacles Meaning.
A young man who is trustworthy and hard working, his focuses his efforts on financial success and will get the job done. He keeps to the established path.

The Knight of Pentacles Reversed.
A complacent, smug and humourless person. His lack of determination and pessimistic attitude will hold you back.




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