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Six of Cups


The 6 of Cups tarot cardThe Six of Cups Meaning of the Symbols.

The six of Cups symbolizes nostalgia, it is a card of the the past, happy memories and reunions. The small child symbolizes the past and the taller child symbolizes the future, together they symbolize happy reunions with past friends or lovers. The smaller third figure, middle left, is walking away, this symbolizes our worries leaving us to be locked in the turret. The house symbolizes comfort and security but the barren garden symbolizes the lost happier times of the past , the older child brings loving cups of flowers to bring the garden back to life and rekindle that happiness.


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  The Six of Cups Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords
Good old times. Beneficial memories. Renewing old ties.  Sentiments. Nostalgia. 

The Six of Cups Meaning.
Happy memories will chase those blues away. An old friend or lover returns. The past recurring will help forming a brighter future.

The Six of Cups Reversed.
Nostalgic memories of the old are hindering your efforts to commit yourself to a the new. Moms not going to solve your problems now.


Sun in Scorpio

You are deep and emotionally complex. Most Scorpios approach life with tremendous intensity of purpose. You carry an aura of mystery around you that intrigues other people, whether you are aware of it or not. Giving up on an issue that is important to you is a last resort, as Scorpio tends to hang on until the bitter end. In fact, you never really give up inside. You will always carry a bit of this unfinished business around with you and given another opportunity you will try to bring it to the close that you desire







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