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Sample card from the Colman-Smith Tarot

0 The Tarot Fool.
The roots of one’s abilities, talents and potential. Decision to start fresh, open to new possibilities within, not explored yet. Sudden impulse which comes „out of the blue“. Like a young animal driven into life by instinct, not yet conscious or possessed of understanding. The hero of our journey represents the irrational impulse toward change and toward opening life’s horizon into the unknown. These irrational impulses can sometimes be destructive and sometimes creative and often they are both together. Willingness to risk, courage to stand by oneself, independence, freedom, following one’s own feeling, idealism and inspiration.
Negative: foolish amidst excitement and fear, blind.

Sample card from the Experimental Tarot

0 - Fool
"Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived"
A young maid dances happily in front of a tree whose trunk contains all colors representing unlimited variety of experiences, the leaves surround the dancer with a cloud of cosmic energy symbolizing unlimited resources. Herself a young flower, she carries flowers in her right hand symbolizing the traditional magic formula "as outside so within". She maintains perfect balance standing on the left toe, almost ready to fly. Small uniform flowers grow on straight lines symbolizing the limited results that restricted approaches yield.
Neptune/Uranus: Idealism, spontaneous insights.
Theme for contemplation: The unlimited variety and simultaneous simplicity of life.
Affirmation: "Everything is easy"
Hint: "Have a fresh look at the "facts" of life, read "Zen Mind, Beginners Mind".


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Cards and text shown and used here courtesy of the author, Samvado Gunnar Kossatz.



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