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Ten of Pentacles


The 10 of Pentacles tarot cardThe Ten of Pentacles Meaning of the Symbols.

The ten of Pentacles symbolizes material abundance and financial security. The ten of Cups symbolized an emotionally secure couple but  this card shows us a couple whose contentment is brought about by financial success, they celebrate their good fortune outside the comforts and security of the family home. The old man is a wizard symbolizing ancient wisdom. The dogs welcome the man as he and the child pats them but the couple ignore him, this symbolizes the importance of maintaining your home as well as your fortune. The wand left leaning against the arch symbolizes their thoughtless actions. Note: the pentacles form the tree of life.

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  The Ten of Pentacles Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords
Stability. Prosperity. Security. Material wealth. Generosity. Family ties. Windfalls.                                

The Ten of Pentacles Meaning.
Completion and continuation in one. Having an abundance of spiritual and material wealth to pass on to the the people you love. A carefree family life. An inheritance or other windfall.

The Ten of Pentacles Reversed.
Inflexible traditions are stopping progress.

Mercury in Virgo

You can be highly analytical and you usually seek knowledge for its usefulness in everyday affairs. You tend to be skeptical of intangible ideas, especially those that can't be put into practical application. Your mind may lean toward worry and indecisiveness.


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